Laurie Meyer Studio
Brooklyn Beauties Rolling in the Deep - SOLDBring Down the Sky - SOLDYellow UmbrellaRibbons - SOLDTaking It Slow - SOLDSolo PonySetting Light - SOLDOne Day It Will HappenOld Bridge - SOLDOblivious to the DavidIt Happened One Day - SOLDGrace on the ACE SOLDDraped Moss - SOLDBrand New Ride - SOLDBracelets in San Miguel  SOLDBracelets and Sweetgrass - SOLDBeast of BurdenAt Rest in Water - SOLDA Pretty Good LieA Light At the End - SOLD"Low Glow"    SOLDNo Hands - SOLDCinque Terre - SOLDQuiet Creek - SOLDAn Amazing Sky - SOLDA Walk Through the Trees - Study - SOLD"In the Line of Fire" - SOLD giclees availablePassing Light - SOLDBehind the Scenes at Basil - SOLDThe Road Less Traveled IIInto the LightLight Around the Bend - SOLDThe Road Less Traveled - SOLDAnd Then the Sun Came Out - SOLDOrvietto FruttiEast Bay and Market - SOLDFruits and VegetablesThe Tree Stands AloneThree Hour Tour - SOLDThai One On - SOLDLemon Study - SOLD